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Car Upholstery, Seat Repair & Auto Interiors

Mac's Upholstery is Seattle's leader in automotive upholstery, custom car upholstery & truck seat repair. We repair leather car seats, replace seat foam and repair seat frames. We also rebuild seats, install adjustable lumbar supports, repair or replace car & truck carpets, floor mats, seat belts, armrests and panels.

Auto Upholstery Seattle, Car Seat Repair & New Foam For Car Seat

katzkin interior selector
See Your Car In A Katzkin
Call Mac's Upholstery or drop by our showroom to fix car seats, upholster car seats, replace car seat foam or reupholster car seats. Decades of experience has taught us the best ways to repair car seats, fix leather car seats or replace leather seats.

Mac's is number one in cloth, vinyl and leather auto interiors. We repair and replace headliners, carpets, seats and sunroofs. We excel in all phases of seat repair from fixing a single panel to extensive frame work, foam repair, adjustable seat heaters and adjustable lumbar supports. The automotive upholstery experts at Mac's will exceed your expectations!

Mac's is a preferred installer for Katzkin Interiors -- the leader in aftermarket auto and truck upholstery. Katzkin's website features an excellent online app (click image left) which allows you to view your car with different interior styles and colors.


Reupholster Leather Car Seats, Leather Kits For Cars & Trucks

Nothing says luxury like leather. Why pay thousands of dollars for a bloated factory upgrade package when all you want is leather? Mac's Upholstery installs custom leather upholstery for your car, truck or recreational vehicle. Get the look and feel of a factory leather interior at a fraction of the cost. Our standard leather kits match manufacturer designs. You can also customize colors, stitching patterns and other design elements.

old seats
Before Seat Repair
old seats
Repairing Seat Cushions
old seats
After Seat Repair

Compare the front seat from a Subaru Outback before and after it was reupholstered (above). In addition to foam repair, the seats were upholstered in brand new leather. What a difference!

Reupholstering your car seat or truck interior makes even more sense when you consider the cost of buying a new vehicle. Instead of buying a new pickup, the owner of this Ford F-150 (below) had brand new carpeting and leather upholstery installed. As a bonus, we custom-fitted a pair of adjustable seat heaters for twenty percent less than it would have cost without the new upholstery.

factory carpeting
New Carpeting
seat heater control
Adjustable Seat Heater Controls
new leather upholstery
Leather Upholstery

Truck Seat Repair & Truck Seat Replacement

Mac's installs and repairs Ford, Chevy, Dodge, GM and Chevrolet truck seats. If you need truck seat upholstery, pickup truck seats, custom truck seats or seat upholstery repair, call the truck upholstery experts Mac's Upholstery.

Count on Mac's to professionally install Jeep tops, tonneau covers, seat covers, weather stripping, leather steering wheel covers, door panels, reproduction seat covers, leather kits and armrests for your car, truck, sports utility vehicle, or recreational vehicle.

Jeep logo Facelift For An Old-Timer

Jeep Commando Convertibles from the 1960s are hard to find. A vintage Commando that looks great and runs well, is a collector's dream. Instead of saving it for an occasional Sunday afternoon drive, the owner of this cherry red Commando wants to enjoy it.

It's hard to improve on a classic, but after repairing one of the leather seats, we suggested soundproofing, new door panels and a carpet upgrade.

DexDamp Soundproofing Floor
DexDamp Soundproofing
Installing Padding & Carpeting
New Padding & Carpeting
Carpet Installed
Carpet & Soundproofing

Seats & Carpet Pads Installed
Seats & Carpet Pads
Spare Tire & Rear Compartment
Spare Tire & Rear
Ready For Another Adventure
Ready For Action

You'd be amazed at the improvement a little inexpensive soundproofing can make in a noisy, older vehicle such as a Jeep Commando. After blanketing the floor with silver Dexdamp sound dampening panels, we added a sheet of polyurethane, then covered the two layers in jute padding. With the soundproofing in place, we topped it off with heavy duty carpeting.

The soundproofing and carpet turned out great! Best of all, this vintage Jeep Commando looks the same as it did before the work; something a car collector truly appreciates.

Inflatable Lumbar Supports

Chronic lower back pain is a problem for millions. The American Chiropractic Association estimates something like 31 million Americans suffer from lower back pain. Federally mandated auto safety requirements may be making things worse. Car makers are now required to position head restraints closer to the occupant. Many find the new design so uncomfortable they tip their seat back, which further stresses the lower back.

If you suffer lower back pain when driving, our adjustable lumbar support can help.

manually inflated lumber support
Manually Inflatable Lumber Support Pad
inflatable bladder
Inflatable Bladder Fastened To Seatback
bladder not visible
Bladder Hidden Under Seat Cover

hand pump
Hand Pump Easily Inflates Bladder
seats reinstalld
Seats Installed With Lumber Support
easily accessible hand pump
Easily Accessible Hand Pump

You could spend hundreds of dollars on an electronic lumbar support system, but we think there's a better way. This simple, manually inflatable lumbar pad is inexpensive and reliable. Installed under the seat cover, the heavy-duty polypropylene bladder is inflated using a simple hand pump. Even fully dilated, the lumbar pad is all but invisible. Best of all, adjusting the pad for maximum comfort is as easy as squeezing a rubber ball.

The pads come in three sizes. Give us a call for installation options, or purchase one from our online store.

Dog Attack!

We've seen plenty of dog damage over the years, but this one takes the cake. It's possible that Cujo didn't appreciate being locked inside the car, but we're betting it simply mistook the back seat as a chew toy. A really expensive chew toy. Can you imagine the owner's expression when he saw this?

Dog attacks car interior
Dog Damage
dog destroys car interior
Shredded Seats
dog bite marks

repaired car seat
After Seat Repair
repaired car seat
Good As New
repaired car seat
Door Panel Repaired

Needless to say, repairing this Audi A4 required more than an OEM seat cover. We had to rebuild sections of the back bench seat, armrest and side panel. Instead of ordering and installing an expensive new cover, we replaced the damaged vinyl section-by-section. Not only is this sort of custom seat repair more environmentally friendly than a brand new cover, it's significantly less expensive. In fact, the owner could buy a ton of real chew toys with the money we saved him.

Ford logoEscape From Ordinary Interiors

Most new cars and SUVs are equipped with factory-installed cloth seat covers. They may be adequate for a while. But, even the most durable synthetic material used to manufacture automotive seats will lose its luster in no time -- especially if you've got kids or dogs.

This Ford Escape is only a couple of years old and already the seats are stained and worn. Instead of installing replacement cloth covers -- yawn -- the owners chose to upgrade to the luxury, comfort and durability of leather seats.

Ford Escape
Ford Escape
escape old seats
Old Cloth Seats
Katzkin seat covers
Katzkin Style & Color Choices

Katzkin Set Coveres installed
New Leather Seat Covers
seats removed
Flawless Installation
Luxury Leather
Comfort & Luxury

Having a car dealer install new leather seats can be expensive. Not only does Mac's charge substantially less, our experienced installers are the best in town. Keep in mind that experienced installers make a big difference; if your leather seat covers are not properly installed they'll wrinkle and warp.

We also offer the wide range of styles and colors available through Katzkin Leather, the leading manufacturer of aftermarket seat covers. Click here to check out all the exciting styles and colors available for your vehicle!

Saab logoA SAAB Story

Almost every car has cosmetic quirks. For example, SAAB owners complain that door and speaker panel inserts manufactured during the eighties and nineties frequently unravel after a few years. Do-it-yourself fixes may last for a while, but the inserts are certain to unravel again unless the job is done properly. Some owners bring us their SAABs strictly to restore the side panel inserts. Others, such as the owner of this model 900 convertible, repair the inserts when they install a new top.

saab door panel
Panel Inserts Unraveling
worn speaker panel
Wrinkled Speaker Inserts
saab door panel
Worn Door Panel

Tattered Convertible Top
Tattered Convertible Top
Old Top Removed
Old Top Removed
Attaching New Rear Curtain
Attaching New Rear Curtain

Tattered Convertible Top
New Convertible Top
Old Top Removed
Ebony Suede Fabric
Attaching New Rear Curtain
New Side & Speaker Inserts

It's easy to match the original fabric used by the manufacturer, but owners often chose a more stylish alternative. In this case, we substitute a rich, ebony suede for the original tan fabric. Some interior surfaces are slightly cupped, which makes attaching the fabric a bit more challenging. Not only are these inserts flat, removing them from the side panel is relatively easy.

Because the reupholstery process is straightforward and because the car is already in the shop for other work, the customer saves money.

Saab logo1963 Bonneville Custom Interior & Car Seat Replacement

The auto upholstery experts at Mac's Upholstery can turn a "junkyard car" into a collector's gem. This is what a 1963 Bonneville Convertible looked like before we went to work and after we finished (bottom picture).

mac's auto interior restoration 1
Tattered Bench Seat
mac's auto interior restoration 2
Rear Seat Upholstery Damaged
mac's auto interior restoration 3
Hole In Door Panel

mac's auto interior restoration 4
Rear Side Panel Damaged
mac's auto interior restoration 7
Cracked Fabric
mac's auto interior restoration 6
Hole In Seat Back