Adjustable Automotive Lumbar Support

Do you have back pain driving? Mac's now sells and installs fully adjustable pneumatic lumbar support pads for cars and trucks. The pad's ergonomic butterfly shape provides superior support. Made from heavy duty polypropylene material, these inflatable support pads are much more durable than standard rubber bladders.

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Pneumatic Lumbar Supports & Auto Seat Cushions

Inflatable Lumbar Supports

Chronic lower back pain is a problem for millions. The American Chiropractic Association estimates something like 31 million Americans suffer from lower back pain. Federally mandated auto safety requirements may be making things worse. Car makers are now required to position head restraints closer to the occupant. Many find the new design so uncomfortable they tip their seat back, which further stresses the lower back.

If you suffer lower back pain when driving, our adjustable lumbar support can help.

  • manually inflated lumbar support
    Manually Inflatable lumbar Support Pad
  • inflatable bladder
    Inflatable Bladder Fastened To Seatback
  • bladder not visible
    Bladder Hidden Under Seat Cover
  • hand pump
    Hand Pump Easily Inflates Bladder
  • seats reinstalld
    Seats Installed With lumbar Support
  • easily accessible hand pump
    Easily Accessible Hand Pump

You could spend hundreds of dollars on an electronic lumbar support system, but we think there's a better way. This simple, manually inflatable lumbar pad is inexpensive and reliable. Installed under the seat cover, the heavy-duty polypropylene bladder is inflated using a simple hand pump. Even fully dilated, the lumbar pad is all but invisible. Best of all, adjusting the pad for maximum comfort is as easy as squeezing a rubber ball.

Lower Back Support

Maintaining correct posture while driving is important. Studies show incorrect posture can lead to excessive muscle activity in the lower back along with increased pressure on ligaments and discs. Without proper lumbar support you're asking for back trouble.

Because people come in all shapes and sizes, standard lumbar supports aren't always effective. An adjustable lower back cushion with complete range of movement is necessary to properly accommodate all drivers. Our advanced lumbar support system is ideal -- it's designed to help anyone achieve an anatomically correct seating posture. Improved posture makes driving safer and a lot more comfortable.

  • lumbar support bladder
    lumbar Support
  • inflated lumbar support
    Fully Inflated Lumbar Support

Lumbar Support Pillow & Lumbar Support For Car

three foldA number of variables determine the effectiveness of a lumbar support system, including materials and how well the system is integrated with the rest of the seat.

Factory-installed systems are usually built around a heavy metal plate resembling a rib cage. Our system, designed for after market installation, is pneumatic. An adjustable, inflatable bladder is carefully positioned inside the seat, between the upholstery and the foam padding. The bladder is then electronically inflated to gently support vulnerable areas of the back.

The bladder supports the 1) pelvis, 2) lumbar vertebrae, and 3) upper body. This is commonly referred to as the "Three-Fold Effect". When properly adjusted, our lumbar support pillow allows a driver to attain the optimum seating position. Give us a call at 206-783-1696 or drop by our shop in Ballard on the corner of NW 51st and 15th Avenue NW to see for yourself.