Custom Motorcycle Seats, Seat Foam & Gel Pads

Mac's fits, builds and repairs motorcycle seats. We also custom-manufacture motorcycle seats to your specifications. Cafe to cruiser, sport bike to dirt, touring to classic, we do it all. We build the best custom motorcycle seats, seat foam and gel pads!

Custom Motorcycle Seats Designed For Your Comfort

custom padding
macs upholstery motorcycle seats

When a motorcycle seat doesn't fit right, it can ruin your day. What looked and felt good in the showroom can turn into a torture device an hour into your Sunday ride.

Every Japanese street bike, chopper, sport bike, dirt bike, Harley, enduro, streetfighter and scrambler has its own distinctive look and feel. One thing they have in common — the original seat rarely fits the rider. They rarely fit, because OEM motorcycle seats are never manufactured for you. They're made to fit an "average" body.

The solution? A high performance custom-fitted seat from Mac's Upholstery.

We sculpt motorcycle seats to fit individuals. We lower, narrow or widen seats so everything feels just right. We fabricate and install special polymer gel seat pads to maximize your comfort.

In addition to seats for motorcycles, we also custom-fit seats and gel pads for ATVs, scooters, trikes, bicycles, race cars, riding mowers, trucks, cars, snowmobiles, helm seats, go-karts, wheelchairs, fork lifts, office furniture, equestrians, mattresses, floors and personal seats for sporting events.


indian motorcycle logo A Smooth Ride With Custom Motorcycle Seat Gel Pads

We discourage bikers from buying off-the-shelf gel pads such as Butt Buffers. In our opinion, these one-size-fits-all gel pads for motorcycles are a waste of money. They're not designed for your body or your bike. They may slightly improve your ride, but they don't begin to match the comfort of our custom-fit motorcycle seat gel pads.

motorcycle gel padsOur custom-designed motorcycle gel pads & cushions are fabricated from sheets of a special polymer created for the medical field. This ultra-soft, shock absorbing material was invented more than 30 years ago to prevent pressure sores in patients confined to a bed or wheelchair.

Gel Seat Pads & Gel Pads For Motorcycles

While originally created with medical applications in mind, the shock absorbing properties of this polymer are perfect for dozens of other products. It's used in gun recoil pads for hunters and cops. It's also used to manufacture jackhammer gloves, race car seats, and pads for injured horses. Remember Danny DeVito‚Äôs penguin suit in the movie "Batman Returns"? It was made from the same medical polymer we use to fabricate our custom motorcycle gel pads and gel seat pads. This soft gel makes the ride smoother by decreasing pressure points and increasing blood flow throughout your hips, butt and legs. Our special medical polymer is stable and cool — far better than an off-the-shelf silicone pad, which can generate and hold heat during the summer.


harley davidson Custom Seat Pan For Soft Tail

Check out this custom-built seat pan we fabricated for a modified Harley-Davidson Soft Tail. The marine-grade vinyl looks and feels just like leather; even the faux ostrich skin looks like the real thing. The tough vinyl not only wears well, it resists UV and water damage.

harley-davidson soft tail
Harley-Davidson Soft Tail
Marine Grade Vinyl
Marine Grade Vinyl
Custom-Fitted Seat
Custom-Fitted Seat
Faux Ostrich Skin
Faux Ostrich Skin

honda motorcycle logo Custom-Made Seat With Intricate Leatherwork


The talented leather craftsmen at Mac's are capable of building just about anything you can imagine. The design for this custom-made motorcycle seat was based on a photograph provided by the customer. The distinctive two-toned leather weave pattern covers a layer of simulated ostrich skin dyed blue.

torn BMW GS seat
Finely Crafted Leatherwork
torn BMW GS seat
Attention to Detail
torn BMW GS seat
Comfort and Beauty

While the simulated ostrich skin is manufactured from vinyl, it feels and wears just like durable saddle leather. With proper care, this handsome motorcycle seat will turn heads for a long time.

bmw logo New Seat Covers For BMW GS

The patriotic owner of a 2000 BMW GS wanted to recover his bike's tattered seat in blue to go with its red and white tank. As he put it, "I want to Americanize my German bike". Done and done.

torn BMW GS seat
Torn BMW GS Seat
torn BMW GS seat
Original BMW Seat
torn BMW GS seat
Before Seat Repair
torn BMW GS seat
After Repair
torn BMW GS seat
Marine-Grade Vinyl
torn BMW GS seat
Flawless Seams

Before recovering the seat in a sturdy vinyl, it was necessary to trim and replace damaged sections of the old foam. With the seat foam repaired, we recommended a marine-grade vinyl specifically engineered to resist fading and shed water. Stainless steel fasteners provide additional protection against water damage. As you can see, the seat turned out great. Love the color!

Custom Motorcycle Seat Upholstery

A custom motorcycle seat from Mac's not only fits your body, it fits your style — you select the cover, stitching and trim. And the sky's the limit! We can make it look any way you want. We carry a wide variety of studs and conchos. Custom embroidery is also available for a truly unique look. Click here to view a slideshow of selected seats.

macs upholsterty seattle motorcycle seats
macs upholsterty seattle motorcycle seats
macs upholsterty seattle motorcycle seats
macs upholsterty seattle motorcycle seats

Your design choices are truly awesome. We stock everything from durable, marine-grade vinyl to leather to exotic materials such as alligator, stingray and ostrich. Many come in wide variety of textures and colors.

Motorcycle Seat Repair & Seat Foam

This set of before & after pictures (below) illustrates our quality craftsmanship. The first two snapshots show a damaged motorcycle seat literally held together with duct tape. It's totally trashed. By the time we're finished repairing it, the seat not only looks brand new, it fits the rider like a glove. Count on Mac's to deliver unsurpassed craftsmanship. We're proud of our work and it shows.

macs upholsterty seattle motorcycle seats
macs upholsterty seattle motorcycle seats
macs upholsterty seattle motorcycle seats
macs upholsterty seattle motorcycle seats

Custom Seats For Jet Skis, ATVs & Snowmobiles

snowmobile, ATV & Jet SkiDurable Fabrics & Adjustable Seat Heaters For Snowmobiles, ATVs

Mac's Upholstery repairs, customizes and fabricates one-of-a-kind seats for jet skis, ATVs and snowmobiles. We're also happy to install off-the-shelf seat foam and inexpensive covers for riders not interested in a high performance seat.

In either case, our skilled craftsmen take extra steps to insure a superior installation. The process begins by drying, inspecting and repairing the seat foam. Damaged jet ski and snowmobile seats are often soaking wet when they arrive in our shop. It takes more time, but extracting all the moisture from the foam insures a better heater for ATV
ATV Seat Heater

When completely dry, we sculpt the seat -- adding and removing foam as needed -- to fit your body. If you want a seat warmer for your ATV or snowmobile, the heating element is including in the fitting process.

We attach the fabric to the seat frame using evenly spaced, corrosion-resistant stainless steel fasteners. We often caulk the seams with silicon sealant to minimize water intrusion. When complete, your seat will not only look great, it'll fit like a glove.

So if you need jet ski seat upholstery, atv seat upholstery, or you need to repair a jet ski seat, Mac's Is the place to call.

Moto Cross, Naked Bike, Race Bike & Classic Seats

Motorcycle enthusiasts at Mac's visit local motorcycle meets to stay on top of trends and styles.

Here are some snapshots from a recent Backfire gathering in Ballard. Backfire is the perfect place to meet other motorcycle enthusiasts. You'll find ratbikes, cafe racers, vintage bikes, Harleys, scooters, crusiers, hot rod bikes, moto X, standard bikes, adventure bikes, bobbers, baggers and MXRs -- just about everything.

A lot of the bikes feature custom motorcycle seats by Mac's. Check the Backfire Club's website for meet dates. We'd like to see you there!

backfire meet 1

backfire meet 2

We custom fit motorcycle seats for motorcycle enthusiasts throughout the nation, including: Bellevue, Kirkland, Issaquah, Redmond, Bainbridge Island, Shoreline, Kenmore, Woodinville, Mill Creek, Mountlake Terrace, Lynnwood, Renton, Kent, Des Moines, Federal Way, and Tacoma.

Out of state customers please ship to: Mac's Upholstery, 5015 15th Avenue NW, Seattle, WA 98107