Recreational Vehicle & Camper Upholstery

Mac's upholsters recreational vehicle interiors, campers and trailers. We also custom-fit RV carpeting, headliners and wall liners for recreational vehicles. If you need new foam or new covers for RV cushions, give us a call.

Repair RV Upholstery, RV Cushions & Recreational Vehicle Interiors

airstreamRecreational vehicles and campers are a big part of outdoor life here in the Pacific Northwest. While RVs are rarely used as often as family cars, they're subjected to extra wear and tear; fishing gear snags carpets, cushion fabrics tear, upholstery foam gets muddy and compressed.

The craftsmen at Mac's Upholstery repair camper cushions, reupholster RV interiors with the latest fabrics and restore recreational vehicle foam padding.

When hunting for an RV upholstery shop, it's important to remember that a recreational vehicle interior is not the same as a car or truck seat. RV upholstery is more like something you'd find in a family room, except it has to be more durable and fit better. Consider the RV upholstery we fabricated below. The owner wanted to replace the out-of-date fabric with something bright and tough. Red Crypton® was a perfect choice.

  • Original RV Cushion & Cover
    Original RV Cushion & Cover
  • Damaged Cushion Foam
    Damaged Cushion Foam
  • Steam-Treating Damaged Foam
    Steam-Treating Damaged Foam

Before cutting new fabric for the cushions, we noticed the upholstery foam had gone flat in places. Some shops would toss the old foam and use new stuff. Instead of doing that, we restored the old foam with steam and a few tricks of the trade. As you can see above, the damaged foam turned out good as new.

  • Damaged RV Foam Repaired
    Damaged RV Foam Repaired
  • Cupped Cushion
    Cupped Cushion
  • Measuring Crypton fabric For Cushions
    Measuring Crypton® Fabric For Cushions

At this point we'd normally strip the old fabric covers and use them to pattern the new ones. Since the owner wanted to keep the old covers, we had to do everything from scratch. Not a problem – it just took a little longer.

  • Attaching Zipper To Fabric
    Attaching Zipper To Fabric
  • RV Cushion With Blind Zipper
    RV Cushion With Blind Zipper
  • Reupholstered RV Cushions
    Reupholstered RV Cushions

When it was all said and done, the only challenge we faced was designing covers for the cupped surfaces. Fitting fabric neatly over a concave surface is not for a do-it-yourselfer. Two of the RV cushions were cupped, but it was nothing our skilled craftsmen couldn't handle.

Repair Damaged Seat Foam

You've probably seen this sort of damage before – the safety harness on an RV rubs against the captain's seat, tearing the fabric and shredding the upholstery foam. If caught in time, it's a relatively easy fix. When it gets to this point (below center) the repair can be a lot more difficult.

  • car seat damage
    Damaged RV Seats
  • car seat damage
    Replace Damaged Foam
  • car seat damage
    Seat Repaired

Because it was originally manufactured with poor quality foam, the seat deteriorated in no time. Before repairing the fabric, it was necessary to rebuild the cushion. We replaced the cheap foam with high quality polyurethane. Then we reinforced it with special padding material underneath. Fortunately, we were able to salvage the fabric. With the cushion repaired, we reattached the upholstery fabric and that was that.

The owner could've saved a chunk of money by bringing it in before the foam was shredded – something to keep in mind if you notice this sort of thing happening to your seat.

Matching Stitch Patterns

Often times it's unnecessary to replace an entire seat cover when only a section of the seat is damaged. Finding the right fabric for a sectional repair is pretty straightforward. Matching the original stitch pattern is where things get tricky.

  • RV Seat
    Matching Stitch Pattern
  • RV Seat
    Perfect Replacement Stitching

A seamless repair requires aligning the thread and fabric with the existing stitch line, then matching the stitch length. When the stitch length is right, the thread used in a sectional repair slides precisely into the existing stitch holes. As you can see from the pics above, there's no way to tell the seat's been repaired. The stitch line looks original.

New Vanagon Pop Top

Volkswagen long ago stopped manufacturing the Vanagon Bus (a.k.a. Westfalia Eurovan) for the U.S. market. The company says there's insufficient demand for a van-sized camper. Try telling that to folks devoted to their Vanagon. Despite the vehicle's notorious mechanical flaws, Vanagon owners still delight in the ability to pop their tent top and camp almost anywhere.

Since Vanagon afficiandos can't buy new models here, they're keen on maintaining the old ones, such as this camper in need of a new pop top tent canvas.

  • vanagon top repair
    Vanagon Roof Shell Removed
  • vanagon top repair
    Old Vanagon Pop Top
  • vanagon top repair
    Prepping For New Pop Top
  • vanagon top repair
    Installing New Pop Top
  • vanagon top repair
    Sealing Pop Top Canvas
  • vanagon top repair
    New Vanagon Pop Top Installed

We could custom-manufacture a new tent top for this Vanagon, but there are plenty of affordable replacement tops in the aftermarket. Installing the top is the hard part. To do the job correctly, you have to remove the shell and tent component in a certain way. The same goes for replacing the top and reinstalling the shell.

Our Vanagon expert has learned a few tricks to flawlessly replace your pop top tent and get you back on the road in no time.

Restoring 1966 Airstream Interior

Mac's Upholstery recently enjoyed the rare opportunity of restoring the interior of a vintage 1966 Aistream Trailer. The snapshots in the first row were taken before the restoration. The pictures below were taken after we fabricated and installed the new padding, upholstery and curtains. What a difference!

  • airstream couch before restoration
    Bench Seating Before Restoration
  • airstream couch before restoration
    Airstream Bed Before Restoration
  • airstream couch before restoration
    Damaged Fabric
  • airstream couch before restoration
    Tattered RV Curtains
  • airstream after restoration
    New Airstream Curtains
  • airstream after restoration
    Lively Accent Pillows
  • airstream after restoration
    Brighter Fabrics
  • airstream after restoration
    Reupholstered Airstream Trailer