Detail Cars, Trucks, SUVs & Boats

Treat your car to a professional hand wash, wax and interior detail at Ballard Auto Detailing. Our premium quality carnauba paste wax and state-of-the-art dual action polishing system not only restores your car's luster, it prevents nasty swirl marks from appearing on the finish later on.

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Detail your car, truck or boat from top to bottom, select a simple wash and wax, or choose something in-between. At Ballard Auto Detailing, we tailor our services to meet the specific needs of Pacific Northwest drivers.


In our part of the country water is everywhere. Often times it's contaminated. For example, when Seattle street spray evaporates from the surface of your car, it leaves behind minerals and dirt. Bird droppings and man-made pollutants are even worse. Dirt and chemical contaminates saturate through wax and clear coatings into the color coat underneath your car's paint. Run a dry hand across the surface of your car. If it feels rough, it needs to be cleaned. There are two ways to clean unwanted environmental chemicals bonded to the paint; chemically or with good old fashioned elbow grease. Our expert detailers use both methods.

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In most cases, our detailers clean wheels and tires first. We use specially mixed solutions to clean dirty tires, strip residue from new tires, and clean brake dust off wheels. When necessary our experts use a degreaser on wheels, but avoid detergents because they can damage paint, strip any protective wax coatings, expose the vehicle to possible nicks, scratches, and stains. We use a car wash solution that preserves your car's finish.

dual action polisherClay Bar Removes Grime

Unlike some detailers, we never use cotton or terry cloth towels when hand washing your car because they can damage a car's finish; we only use "paint safe" microfiber and foam materials during every stage of the detailing process. Even after a thorough wash, stubborn street grime, overspray and pollutants remain stuck to the surface of your vehicle. To remove these tiny particles and contaminants we massage the surface of your car with a fine grade clay bar. The clay bar restores your car's silky smooth, showroom finish.

Carnauba Paste Wax

Next, we polish all the painted surfaces with specially formulated cleaner/polish using a dual-action orbital polisher. We use a dual action polisher because standard orbitals leave swirl marks. You may not notice them at first, but if you don't use a dual-action polisher, swirl marks will eventually appear, especially on black cars.

clear coat repair

The initial polish removes hazy oxidation from the surface. If you choose, we buff the car a second time to glaze and restore the surface. Next we use Carnauba wax to protect the paint and make it sparkle. With the finish now mirror-bright, we clean and treat the bumpers and plastic trim.

Detail My Boat

In addition to cars and trucks, we also detail boats. In most cases, we only detail the hull and exterior. Give us a call if you're looking for someone to detail a boat or need an estimate of the cost to detail a boat.

Car Headlight Cleaning & Restore Foggy Headlights

detailed boatIf your headlights are foggy or you have cloudy headlight lenscovers, we treat the damaged surface. We clean headlight covers and fix hazy headlights. We restore your oxidized headlights to their original clarity.

Our standard interior package includes all the basics: we thoroughly vacuum, scrub and wash floor mats, wipe and treat the dash (if requested), polish glass, clean vents, and use "best efforts" to spot-treat stains on upholstery, carpeting and other interior surfaces.

If you prefer, we'll add dash of fragrance to the interior of your car. In case you're wondering, the most popular scent is mango. All of the chemicals and compounds we use in the detailing process are professional grade and safe. The pictures below are examples of vehicles we've recently detailed. By the way, we're known for our ability to successfully detail even the most challenging type of car — pretty much any car painted black!

car deail products Our Detailers Use The Finest Products & Equipment

  • 3M adhesive remover
  • large bendable wheel brush
  • compact bendable wheel brush
  • boars hair detail brush
  • foam pad conditioning brush
  • interior carpet & cloth brush
  • long reach brushes
  • drill-operated lug nut cleaning brush
  • wheel well brush
  • bug barricade
  • bug & smudge remover
  • bumper & trim re-conditioner
  • heavy-duty wheel cleaner
  • black shine
  • carpet spot remover
  • Complete Compound
  • dried-on wax remover
  • engine bay dressing
  • foaming glass cleaner
  • glass cleaning clay
  • Insta-wax Carnauba
  • Chuy air freshener
  • true leather scent
  • butter wet wax
  • revive glaze and polish
  • fabric guard protectant
  • jet seal sealant & protectant
  • Mr. Pink shampoo
  • bare bones undercarriage spray
  • honey dew exterior shampoo
  • water spot RX
  • speed wipe
  • new look trim gel
  • nonsense interior cleaner
  • lightning-fast stain extractor
  • heavy metal polish
  • Diablo gel
  • lint-free towels
  • fine glass polish
  • glass sealant
  • headlight restoration kit
  • interior cleaner
  • leather 3-in-1
  • leather rejuvenator
  • microfiber cleaner
  • oil & gas cleaner
  • palm grip 3 inch pad holder
  • 3 inch orange foam correcting pad
  • 3 inch red foam waxing pads
  • 5.5 inch black foam finishing pad
  • cotton polish pads
  • 6.5 inch microfiber fast cutting pad
  • 6.5 inch orange foam correcting pad
  • 6.5 inch red foam waxing pad
  • 3 inch red foam waxing pad
  • wax removal bonnets
  • paint cleaning clay
  • paint glaze
  • paint prep
  • paint sealant
  • paint touch-up kit
  • fine hand polish
  • machine polish 1
  • machine polish 2
  • machine polish 3
  • 3 inch random orbital machine
  • 6 inch random orbital machine
  • 5 inch Lithium-Ion random orbital machine
  • 5 inch random orbital kit
  • pre-wax cleanser
  • rubber cleaner
  • one-step sealant
  • Speed Shine
  • high gloss dressing
  • long lasting tire dressing
  • tire rejuvenator
  • undercarriage car wash spray
  • vinyl & rubber dressing
  • brilliant finish Car Wash
  • best of show wax
  • premium carnauba wax
  • wheel cleaner
  • chrome wheel cleaner
  • heavy-duty wheel cleaner
  • wheel cleaning clay
  • window cleaner
  • lint-free towels