Repair Car Headliner & Replace Car Headliner

Is your vehicle's ceiling damaged? Do you have a sagging car headliner, torn headliner or stained headliner board? Trust the car interior experts at Mac's Upholstery to fix a headliner in a car or replace a headliner board. Automotive headliners are sometimes referred to as head liners.

Car Headliner Repair Seattle

If your car ceiling is drooping, torn or water-stained, it's time for a headliner fix or upholstery fabric repair. You could buy a kit on the Internet and try it yourself. But, it isn't easy to repair a headliner. If you don't get it right the first time, you have to start all over. Why risk the embarrassment and cost of a botched do-it-yourself project, when Seattle's auto headliner repair experts are a short drive away.

  • damaged headliner
    Delaminated Headliner Fabric
  • damaged headliner
    Glue & Foam Residue

Avoid the mistakes and mess of automobile headliner repair by calling Mac's Upholstery. Mac's is Seattle's leading headliner repair shop. We'll estimate the cost of headliner replacement and show you how we fix a sagging ceiling with foam backed headliner fabric.

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We've been replacing auto headliners for decades. Our professionally trained technicians fix all makes and models. Here's an example of how our technicians typically replace the sagging headliner in a car:

  • SUV Headliner Removed From 2003 Xterra
    Headliner Removed From Car
  • Repairing Auto Headliner
    Repairing Auto Headliner
  • Headliner For Car
    Headliner For Car
  • Car Headlining Fabric
    Car Headlining Fabric
  • Completing Car Headliner Repair
    Completing Car Headliner Repair
  • Replaced Headliner
    Replaced Headliner

Headliner Quick Fix Mistakes

  • There are scattered blog posts on the Internet claiming you can save money by spraying fabric paint on a damaged headliner instead of repairing it properly with foam-backed fabric. This is a really bad idea. Not only does painting your headliner immediately decrease the value of your car, it looks terrible.
  • What about regluing the old fabric to the headliner board? Unfortunately, it's not possible. When a headliner deteriorates, the foam and board adhesive turn to dust. You can't glue "dust to dust".
  • How about stapling the sagging fabric to the headliner board? If you have a strong stapler and the board is soft you can give it a try. The fabric will still droop and it'll look sloppy, but the staples will keep it from falling all the way down.

Repairing Headliner Without Removing Board

Aside from a Rolls Royce or a Bentley, the Cadillac Eldorado was the pinacle of automotive luxury in 1989. This is an unapologetically huge car with an equally oversized headliner. When a headliner on an Eldorado drops, it's like a circus tent collapsing.

  • headliner repair 1989 cadillacDropped Headliner
  • headliner repair 1989 cadillacDamaged Vanity Mirrors
  • headliner repair 1989 cadillac
    Stripped To The Board
  • headliner repair 1989 cadillac
    Recovered Headliner

With standard-sized cars we typically pull the headliner board from inside the car, fix it, then reinstall the board. A 1989 Eldorado requires a different approach. Instead of removing the oversize board, it's best to do the restoration work inside the car. Twin vanity mirrors built into the passenger compartment ceiling add to the "degree of difficulty".


Preventing Shar-Pei Headliners

It takes more than a sheet of perforated fabric and a can of Home Depot spray glue to recover a drooping headliner. Car makers are demanding a lot more from today's headliners. The bland old automotive ceiling has been transformed into an extension of the control panel. Many are now fitted for gadgets, cubbyholes and sunroofs.

  • stripped headliner
    Gadgets and Cubbyholes
  • stripped headliner
    Fitting Headliner Fabric
  • stripped headliner
    Rolling Fabric Over Edge
  • stripped headliner
    Cementing Headliner Fabric

It takes years of experience to seamlessly integrate all the cavities and sharp angles in today's high performance headliners. Fitting the fabric is only the beginning. Without a trained hand to seamlessly align, roll and smooth the fabric, you're asking for trouble. If it's not done right, you may end up with a Shar-Pei headliner!


New Headliner For Mercedes 300 SL

We usually repair a worn or damaged headliner with a similar fabric. But, the original headliner in a Mercedes 300SL removable hardtop was covered with a stiff vinyl weave fabric. That sort of fabric doesn't lend itself to repair – instead of fixing a damaged headliner, Mercedes-Benz would rather sell you an expensive new one.

We'd rather repair it and save you money!

  • preparing headliner
    Preparing Mercedes Headliner
  • Headlining Fabric
    Auto Headliner Repair
  • headliner repair
    New Mercedes 300SL Headliner
  • Headlining Fabric
    300SL Hard Top Repaired

Because the original headliner material is stiff and wrinkles, a high quality aftermarket fabric is a better alternative. In this case, the car owner selected a light blue headliner fabric. As you can see, it perfectly matches the grab handles and car interior. It also saved the customer a ton of money.


Headliner For Vintage 1965 Mustang

This 1965 Mustang hardtop (below) was manufactured more than half a century ago; one year after the original pony car appeared. No wonder it needed a new headliner! Restoring a headliner for a collector car takes skill and plenty of patience. We love this sort of challenge. As you can see, it looks great – just like it rolled off the showroom floor.

  • What A Great Car!
    Before Headliner Restoration
  • auto Headliner Replacement
    Auto Headliner Replacement
  • mustang headliner instllation
    Mustang Headliner Installation

Popular Car Headliner Materials & Headliner Fabric

There are scores of colors and fabrics available for custom headliners. Restore a headliner with OEM colors or try something entirely different using complementary or contrasting tones and textures.

headliner colors

Standard Headliners & Headliner Boards For Cars

In most cases, we're able to remove and restore your existing headliner. If it's damaged beyond repair, plenty of replacement headliner boards are available. Car headliners come in hundreds of shapes and sizes. These are some of the most popular boards (below). They're displayed with sample headlining material:

  • dropped headliner
  • Automotive components are becoming more and more complicated, even the mundane headliner. Take a look at this headliner from a late model Jaguar.

    jaguar auto headliner board
    Jaguar Auto Headliner Board

    With all its electrical connectors, conduits and special padding, the process of removing and restoring a headliner from a late model vehicle is no longer simple.

  • automotive headliner repair
    Automotive Headliner Repair
  • Stipped Auto Interior
    Stripped Auto Interior
  • replacement headliner board
    Replacement Headliner Board

    As you can see from the pictures below, the repair turned out great. We were able to restore the ceiling it to mint condition. But, it wasn't easy.

  • Headliner Fabric Repair
    Headliner Fabric Repair
  • restored headliner upholstery
    Restored Headliner Upholstery
  • restored Suede Headliner
    Restored Suede Headliner
  • Repair headliner
    Repair Headliner
  • land rover headliner
    SUV Headliner
  • land rover headliner
    SUV Headliner
  • damaged car headliner
    Damaged Car Headliner
  • damaged car headliner
    Glue Residue
  • damaged car headliner
    Prepping For New Fabric
  • steaming headliner
    Steaming Wrinkles From Headliner